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Opening Docker to TCP connections

This is the best way i have found to configure docker on my linux boxes to open them up for tcp connections - the tcp connections are used for Portainer to connect to them. I did no do any security, everything is behind a good firewall.


The command systemctl edit is used to change the launch parameters of the docker service.

  1. Edit the docker service
       > sudo systemctl edit docker
  2. In the editor, past in the following
       ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// -H tcp://
    Save the file and exit the editor.
  3. Restart docker
        > sudo systemctl restart docker
  4. Check docker is running with new parameters
        > pgrep -a docker
        21239 /usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// -H tcp://

Configure Portainer

  1. Login to your portianer instance.
  2. Click on Environments.
  3. Click on +Add Environment.
  4. Choose Docker for Environment Type.
  5. Enter a name for the environment in Name under Environment Details.
  6. Enter hostname:2375 under Environment URL, where hostname is the hostname of the docker instance.
  7. Click +Add environment.