Checking startup speed and delays Changing apt-daily.service to start later. Using information from this thread, apt-daily.service should not start in the boot sequence. These are the instructions. Then paste the […]

To ensure your vpn’s dns server is used, the following script can be put in “/etc/NetworkManager/”. It will need execute permission and the “CONNECTION_ID” changed to the vpn connection name.

This year (2016) I am participating in the Christchurch Brick Show and for the Great Ball Contraption I have created two contraptions. Ski Lift This is a ski lift, it […]

On occasion when installing a fresh linux, on whatever device I like to have my user be able to use “sudo” without having to use a password.I always forget the […]

Funduino Keys 595

I brought a “Funduino Keys 595” board from dxlisting, Basically its a 74HC595 shift register with 4 RGB LED’s on it. The page said it was a SPI device. I […]