Checking startup speed and delays $ systemd-analyze Startup finished in 16.116s (firmware) + 22.465s (loader) + 4.241s (kernel) + 7.064s (userspace) = 39.888s reached after 7.056s in userspace $ […]

To ensure your vpn’s dns server is used, the following script can be put in “/etc/NetworkManager/”. It will need execute permission and the “CONNECTION_ID” changed to the vpn connection name. […]

Some videos now come with advanced formats that my receiver is too old to play, so I created a small script “” which will convert leaving the video alone. #!/bin/bash […]

This year (2016) I am participating in the Christchurch Brick Show and for the Great Ball Contraption I have created two contraptions. Ski Lift This is a ski lift, it […]